What is Wart-Off Freeze?

The name is self-explanatory:
Wart-Off Freeze freezes warts!
The aerosol freezes the wart by means of, in medical terms, ‘cryotherapy’.

The wart is frozen to the core in just 10 seconds.
After 10 to 14 days the wart may fall off and new healthy skin will be visible.

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Innovation in wart treatment

• Child friendly for years 4+
• Ready for use
• Simple, reliable and safe
• Fast and effective
• For hand and feet warts






Wart-Off Freeze is available in leading Pharmacies in Australia

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What makes Wart-Off Freeze so special?

Your General Practioner uses a method where fluid nitrogen is applied via cotton wool onto the wart. This method deeply freezes the wart. This treatment can be experienced by children as painful and scary.
Wart-Off Freeze works differently. Wart-Off Freeze is ready for use straight from the pack.

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How does it work?

Hold the aerosol vertical, place the opening of the cap over the wart so that the edge of the opening touches the skin. Ensure that the wart is fully enclosed inside the plastic cap.
Use your thumb to activate the aerosol by pressing down firmly on the base of the aerosol.

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